What is prayaas ?

Prayaas is a free, non-profit teaching initiative taken up by a group of college professors to help students in the field of psychology for competitive examinations. We aim to help students who cannot afford to or cannot find any suitable resource to study psychology, by providing online classes, free video lectures, free resource materials and  guidance to help them achieve their goals. Regarding the competitive scenario, we want to aid the students to qualify for NET/JRF & M.PHIL. in Clinical Psychology.


Keeping in view of the phenomenal growth of digital media and the paucity of expert guidance in the field of psychology for pursuing a career in psychology, we have decided to provide a platform for students who wish to compete for NET/JRF or M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology and have a strong motivation to perform well.


We will select 100 (One hundred only) such aspirants on the basis of their performance on an online test consisting of 100 MCQs based on the syllabus of NET & M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology.

Classes will be held twice a week preferably in the afternoon through a virtual platform.